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B-Carotene / CoQ10 / Vitamin E

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Frost & Sullivan Award
Frost & Sullivan Award

Press Releases

Dec 2012 ITC CoQ10 Final Ruling
Oct 2012 ITC Rules In Favor of ZMC and ZMC-USA in CoQ10 Litigation
Scott Steinford Resigns From ZMC-USA
Mar 2012 Judge Rules ZMC Not Infringed Kaneka Patent
Oct 2011 ZMC Seek $100 Million Damage Award Against Kaneka
Aug 2011 Kaneka Dismisses ZMC Lawsuit
Jun 2011 Defends Against CoQ10 Action at ITC
Jun 2011 Responds to Xiamen Kingdomway IPO
Mar 2011 ZMC Claims CoQ10 Patent Invalid
Feb 2011 Continues To Lead CoQ10 Market
Sep 2010 Vitamin E Upgrade
Feb 2010 Proactive For Sustainability And Supply
May 2009 Farbest Form Alliance
Oct 2008 Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award
Jul 2008 Natural and Synthetic Vitamin E Now USP Verified
Apr 2008 New USPTO Lutein Patent
Mar 2008 First Supplier To Receive Beta Carotene and CoQ10 USP Ingredient Verification
Jan 2008 CoQ10 Market Set To Soar
Jan 2008 Increase CoQ10 Market Share
Dec 2007 ZMC-USA Awarded NBJ Achievement For Growth
Sep 2007 CoQ10 Safety
May 2007 Dedicated To Supply Quality Raw Ingredients
Apr 2007 CoQ10 Benchmark